Mr. Walaa Maher

General Manager Logistics & Warehousing
RAK Ceramics


Citizen of Egypt, expat in MEA region with over 18 years of end-to-end Supply Chain experiences. Led diverse workstreams with two of the top Fortune 500 blue-chip companies and Now Leading 1,200 employees in the largest Ceramics Industry group in the world..

My Career has included stints in pro-bono consulting, quality assurance, Planning, Supplier management, procurement, and logistics; jobs have ranged from planning analyst to direct supervision of Planning teams to Senior Manager looking after a region of more than 70 countries with P&G (AKA Procter and Gamble or the Giant FMCG Company), and Supply Chain Director at Kimberly Clark (Well-known of its Kleenex/Scott Brands).

Led diverse teams ranging from direct report of 3 to Heading up SC division with nearly 1,200 employees.

But you can always see that I’m a proud of the years I spent building The Core skills of Material Supply management in P&G Inbound or the Distribution footprint in Nigeria and Later the Transformation Agenda in KC Bahrain from Producer to the largest supplier for Jumbo Hardrolls in GCC.

I believes on hands-on knowledge that is supported by extensive reading and being up-to date on what is happing in the industry every day. From FMCG industry to Building Materials, From Latest planning software to warehouse equipment. The idea is “Not to Know it all” but at least “Know who can lead with you ALL the changes”.


Since 2008, I started steady steps as a pro-bono speaker and consultant for Supply Chain design and trends within Middle East and Specially MENA region. Supported by a great wife and family around me, devoting their vacation time and weekends to enable me Reaching over 400 hours annually of speaking events.

With help of P&G teams and dedicated friends, they helped me reaching out with my ideas and training process to diverse seniority groups from 16 years old senior high schoolers to companies owners and CEOs reaching a number of >18,000 person who attend or trained in person by me or through my material and the number is growing daily as I leave the material for free sharing to anyone.

Still my passion always is to help the young learners of SC world in their first steps to this world. For years With our WAMDA slogan “Be Unstoppable” and Interactive sessions, we presented our group and my ideas in different places in Egypt, then Arab Peninsula and from there to Western Europe, Asia, Africa, CEE & USA.

Offering the famous topics of “Supply Networks Restructure” , “Pay it Forward on Talent” , my tours that i insist to have my lovely family joining me in includes Speaking in diverse collection of universities, forums and companies. Including:

FRANCE (KEGDE Business School) .

BELGIUM (Integrated Supply Chain Summit)

ITALY (Serve Italy Smarter Workshop)

USA, AZ (Supply Chain Insights Global Summit)

Istanbul, Dubai, , Venlo, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf workshops for Supply Chain Middle East Insights

International Transport & Logistics Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime University

British University in Cairo , Masr International University ( MIU ) , Russian University  (RUC)  , and 3 different Local universities in Egypt .

Finally, all those have known me, will tell you the same, I’m a proud “learner” and I am only “Good” because I was blessed by the “GREAT” people around me.