Mr. Shailen Shukla

Chief Logistics Officer


In a world with increasing competition and fragmentation of industries, I believe that leveraging the power of Operational Efficiency and Logistics can differentiate an organisation from the rest. I am skilled at driving growth using this and managing complex Supply Chains, having successfully established multi-million 3PL functions from the ground up.
● Spearheaded the establishment of Ecommerce Operations for Jumbo’s Omnichannel E-Commerce business, using its own network of 50+ bikes, vans and line haul vehicles. Achieved up to 85% next day B2C delivery (>98% overall for B2B) in UAE.
● Customer journey management and how to achieve customer delight
● Last Mile delivery software selection and project implementation, managing project life cycle
● Managing analytics, making decisions to improved efficiency based on the same
● Improve fulfillment, fill rate efficiency, automation of inventory replenishment
● Order geography and time heat maps

Skills: 3PL •E-Commerce •Supply Chain & Logistics Strategy • Profit Centre Management • Commercial Operations • Vendor Management/Procurement • ERP •TMS •WMS, Last Mile Delivery Software •Auditor ISO 9002 / 14000 • Six Sigma Champion •Outcome-driven • Customer-obsessed •Excellent communicator •Problem-solver •Efficiency-oriented •Financially astute •Successful talent manager